The workshop is organised by:

Urška Demšar – Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Geoinformatics in the School of Geography & Geosciences at the University of St Andrews. She is originally a mathematician with a PhD in Geoinformatics. Her research area is Spatiodemsar-Temporal Visual Analytics with specific focus on visual analytics for computational movement analysis. She is combining analytical and visual techniques and is particularly interested in visual interpretation of results of spatial and spatio-temporal statistical methods. She collaborates with researchers in a number of application areas, including eye tracking and animal movement. She is also co-chair of the ICA commission on Visual Analytics.
Aidan Slingsby – Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Visual and Analytic Computing in the giCentre, Department of Computer Science, City University London. His work relates to Information Analysis and Visualisation and he is interested in the design and application of information visualisation for presentinslingsbyg and helping make sense of data, particularly for data that are spatial and temporal. His work involves designing, creating and applying static information graphics (often map-based) and exploratory interactive techniques that facilitate exploratory visual analysis. He designs and applies these techniques in a variety of application areas including human & animal movement.
Robert Weibel – Professor of GIScience at the Department of Geography, University of Zurich. Rob’s research focuses on computational cartography, movement pattern analysis and simulation, and linguistic applications of GIScience. He hweibelas initiated and chaired the European COST Action IC0903 “MOVE: Knowledge Discovery from Moving Objects” (, an interdisciplinary network of more than 100 researchers in 24 countries that has been a major facilitator of movement research in Europe over the past four years. Throughout his career, he has organized or co-organized more than a dozen workshops on topics related to GIScience.