The workshop is organised by:

Anthony Robinson – Director of Online Geospatial Education programs and Assistant Director for the Department of Geography’s GeoVISTA research center at Penn State. His research focuses on the science of interface and interaction design for geographic visualization software tools. He has developed interface derobinsonsign and usability assessment methods for integrating geographic visualization tools with work in epidemiology, crisis management, and homeland security. He directs Penn State’s Online Geospatial Education, including its Master of GIS and Post-Baccalaureate GIS Certificate programs, which have served over 5500 students since 1999. He also teaches Maps and the Geospatial Revolution on Coursera, a MOOC that has enrolled over 100,000 students from 200 countries to date. He is chair of the ICA commission on Visual Analytics.
Urška Demšar – Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Geoinformatics in the School of Geography & Geosciences at the University of St Andrews. She is originally a mathematician with a PhD in Geoinformatics. Her research area is Spatiodemsar-Temporal Visual Analytics with specific focus on visual analytics for computational movement analysis. She is combining analytical and visual techniques and is particularly interested in visual interpretation of results of spatial and spatio-temporal statistical methods. She collaborates with researchers in a number of application areas, including eye tracking and animal movement. She is co-chair of the ICA commission on Visual Analytics.