The final programme is now available for download (pdf).

List of accepted papers:

Jonathan Engélinus and Thierry Badard, Towards a Real-Time Thematic Mapping System for Streaming Big Data

Jukka Krisp, Hao Lyu and Iveta Lazarova, Directed kernel density estimation (DKDE) as a tool for visual analysis of pedestrian movement

Kristien Ooms, Using visual analytics to explore and anyze user data in mixed methods setting

Paulo Raposo and Anthony Robinson, Representing Spatio-Temporal Events Across Scales

Yanan Xin, Mark Simpson, Ying Xu, Feng Sun, Fridolin Linder, Xi Liu, Alexander Savelyev and Alan MacEachren, Movers: Exploring Refugee Movement with Social Media Data

Mark Simpson, Gregory Garner, Jan Oliver Wallgrün, Klaus Keller, Danielle Oprean, Saraubh Bansal and Alexander Klippel, Immersive Visual Analytics for Integrated Assessment Models of Climate Change

Brian Tomaszewski, Kenneth Tomaszewski, Jeannette Forbes, Jacob Hartz, Andrew Heintz, Nicholas Womble, Aurko Mallik and Varun Bhatia, Displacement and Visual Analytics: Case Studies and Applications

Katerina Vrotsou, Georg Fuchs, Natalia Andrienko and Gennady Andrienko, An Interactive Approach for Exploration of Flows through Direction-Based Filtering