Call for participants

In August 2017, experts in movement ecology and data science will meet at the Lorentz Center in Leiden in the Netherlands at the interdisciplinary workshop on spatio-temporal analysis, modelling and data visualisation for movement ecology. Workshop participants will discuss challenges posed by the new tracking technologies and new data and also engage in hands-on activities, such as data challenges and development of research agenda. For more information follow the links in the menu.

The workshop is generously sponsored by the Lorentz Center and as part of this support, we are calling for participation of Early-Career Researchers in either movement ecology or data sciences. Ten places are available, with support for either travel costs, accommodation near the Lorentz Center venue or both.

If you are an Early-Career Researcher and interested in this opportunity, we invite you to submit an application for participation. Here are the rules of the competition:

1. Early-Career Researchers include PhD students or postdoctoral researchers with less than 2 years post PhD by the date when this competition closes (31 March 2017).

2. You can be a student/researcher in either movement ecology or any of the relevant data sciences (geographic information science, computer science, information visualization, statistics, etc.), as long as you have experience in working with animal movement data.

3. You can be located anywhere, however note that support for travel costs is limited up to 300 EUR/person, therefore if you are not in Europe and you are successful in this competition, you may need to find additional funding for your travel costs.

How to apply: please, email your application to with the subject “Lorentz WS – ECR competition”. To apply, please submit the following three documents as pdf files:
1. your academic CV,
2. a motivation letter on why you would like to attend this workshop and
3. a support letter from your PhD/postdoc supervisor.

All applications will be reviewed by the four scientific organisers. Participants will be ranked and chosen solely based on academic merit. We will further try to keep an equal ratio of ecologists and data scientists.

Application DL: 31 March 2017

Results of the competition will be available by 30 April 2017.