Announcing SpatialVA – A GIScience 2016 Workshop on Understanding Spatial Data with Visual Analytics

Please join us for a SpatialVA 2016, a workshop co-located with the GIScience 2016 conference in Montreal, Canada on September 27, 2016.

The workshop calls for new visual analytics methods and applications for spatial and spatio-temporal data which demonstrate the usefulness of these techniques for analytical reasoning about space and time. We are particularly interested in how interactive visualisations can support knowledge construction and insights from spatial data, either big or small.

We intend for this workshop to reach the widest possible audience, and therefore call for submissions in any application area using any type of spatial or spatio-temporal data. We encourage approaches that take advantage of both spatial and temporal characteristics of such data, those that allow analysis across different spatial or temporal scales and those that provide new dynamic interactive visualisations for data exploration. We encourage submissions to explicitly consider how the proposed visual approach supports analytical reasoning about the data and ideally, demonstrate how the inclusion of the interactive visualisations into the analysis process aids understanding and decision-making.

We call for extended abstract submissions on the following topics of interest:

  • New visual analytics methods for spatial or spatio-temporal data.
  • Applications of using new or existing spatio-temporal visual analytics methods in any discipline.
  • Evaluations of visual analytics approaches that help us understand how users apply such tools.
  • Theoretical demonstrations and frameworks for visual support of analytical reasoning.
  • Advances in knowledge construction and reasoning about spatial and temporal phenomena and processes.

Please see our workshop website at for the full Call For Papers, submission details, and deadlines.

Looking Ahead, 2015-2019

Viz_Header_1Welcome to the new website for the ICA Commission on Visual Analytics. Our Commission has been advancing the state of the art in geovisualization, geocomputation, spatial analysis, and analytical reasoning since its inception in 1995.

At the 27th ICC meeting in Rio, our Commission Terms of Reference were approved, as was a name change to the new title of “Commission on Visual Analytics.” We chose this new title with the aim of developing stronger ties between ICA activities and the ongoing research and development happening in the broader field of Visual Analytics.

We have an ambitious plan for Commission activities in the years to come. Our agenda for 2015-2019 will include conferences, workshops, online seminars, and other activities. In many of these activities, we will partner with the Commission on Cognitive Issues in Geographic Visualization, Commission on Use, User, and Usability Issues, and the Commission on Map Design.

If you’ve heard about the work we do and aren’t already a member, please join us today!