Call for Papers: Special Focus Issue of the International Journal of Cartography on the State of the Art & Science in Cartography

Call for Papers: Special Focus Issue of the International Journal of Cartography on the State of the Art & Science in Cartography

Guest Editors: Arzu Çöltekin, Anthony C. Robinson, Luciene Delazari, Pyry Kettunen

The ICA Commissions on Visual Analytics, Cognitive Issues in Geographic Visualization, and User Experience (UX) invite paper submissions for a special focus issue of the International Journal of Cartography ( The theme for this special issue centers on the State of the Art & Science in Cartography, with the aim of synthesizing literature in emerging areas of Cartography and especially at its intersections with other domains. This is a special issue focusing on literature reviews, i.e., we are not targeting empirical research results. Papers submitted for this special issue should focus on reviewing and synthesizing recent literature in an area of cartographic research and geospatial sciences. Submissions should emphasize the state of the art in a given thematic area, and culminate by identifying key themes, challenges, or opportunities, and critical reviews are welcome. We will accommodate both systematic and narrative reviews. We do not target original research results, unless they are in support of demonstrating claims made in the review.

Examples of topic areas may intersect with:

  • Representation in cartography (humanities and graphics perspectives both welcome)
  • Data journalism, cartography, and storytelling
  • Accessibility in cartography
  • New paradigms for web mapping
  • Usability evaluation and human factors research
  • Perception, cognition, memory of space and place
  • Individual and group differences in human performance with spatial tasks
  • Visual variables: Bertin and beyond
  • Color research in cartography
  • Extended reality (virtual, augmented, mixed) displays
  • Geovisual analytics
  • Information visualization, scientific visualization, visual analytics
  • Machine learning in cartography and geospatial sciences
  • Satellite imagery in cartography
  • Spatial decision making
  • Spatial learning
  • Maps and map-like displays in urban planning and urban design

We are also open to proposals that relate to cartography but are not listed above.

Please send expressions of interest including a brief abstract to frame your paper proposal to our team of guest editors (details below). We will collect submissions through 2021 and first half of 2022. Earlier submissions will be processed and published online as they come in. The submissions will be subject to rigorous double-blind review and accepted papers will appear in the ICA’s official journal International Journal of Cartography, which is indexed in scopus.

A summary of important dates:

  • 30 Sept 2021 or earlier: Expressions of interest by email to guest editors, including a working title and abstract (Arzu Çöltekin <>, Anthony C Robinson <>, Luciene Stamato Delazari <> and Kettunen Pyry <>)
  • 15 July 2022 or earlier: Full papers to be submitted to the journal marking our focus issue. Submission instructions for the journal can be found here (please remember to indicate that it is for our focus/special/theme issue):